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Maida is a sensational Artist/Musician/Singer from Germany.

Her first song "You" was debuted in 2009 and now with a few years of learning the English language behind her, she has once again started songwriting.  


In 2019 we are looking forward  to a few new songs from Maida.


"When I pick up my guitar and let the strings sound and close my eyes, I begin to dream, there is this sense of freedom, I dive into another world! A world of common language, a world in which emotions and feelings come first, a world in which freedom is readily available and which no day is like the other!

In no other world are emotions of love, sadness, joy, anger or excitement  ... so represented,  the melodies swing around the globe and reach hearts!"

Maida is a police officer and paramedic in Erfurt, Germany.  She was directly involved in a disturbing school shooting that occurred on the 26th of April 2002.  It was labeled "The Erfurt Massacre" by news media around the world. 

This did something to her soul/her spirit, Maida felt she was locked deep inside a hole and unable to pull herself back out -- (PTSD).

Maida bought a guitar and started playing which seemed to keep her mind still and the flashbacks from coming as often. 

Later, Maida was looking for a band to play with and in doing this she met a keyboard player who told her "I like your style, you look and play like Melissa Etheridge."


Maida's response was "Who is she?"


Maida had no idea who Melissa Etheridge was at this time.  The keyboard player gave her a CD of Melissa and she went home to listen.  To her it was like  WOW! 

Melissa's music then became her daily therapist.  She began to sing and play guitar till her fingers bled.  Slowly Maida was pulled Back2Life and out of the dark place where she had almost lost herself.


That's why Maida does the Melissa Etheridge Tribute, it's a way for her to say THANK YOU! 


"Thank you Melissa for making me feel again, for making me believe again, for bringing me back to life, I can't ever say thank you enough. 

For her music I feel so blessed and it's very important for me to say - I am not a double, I am not Melissa, I am Dany (Maida).

If by performing and sharing her music helps only one other the way it helped me, then it will all be worth it!"


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